Water Hygiene

As specialists in water hygiene P.J. BIRD Limited take the accessibility, storage and distribution of water very seriously.

Through effective design and planning of water flow and distribution, a complete solution from concept to solution is available.

Compliant with G3 Unvented Regulations, water temperature for pouring, storage and circulation is regulated and encompasses a secondary circulation system.

This additional system enables even water distribution and prevents the breeding of disease such as Legionella, a major concern for operators and owners of public buildings.

Drawing on expert plumbing, heating and ventilation knowledge, and combining a water hygiene risk assessment, we can evaluate all water facilities and offer services to include:

  • Risk assessment
  • Water testing and identification
  • Chlorination and disinfection
  • Pipework, tank and internal system cleaning

Following suitable recommendations, and during remedial works and new installations, pipework is replaced, cleaned and disinfected to guard again disease and approved prior to public use.