Commissioning of Heating, Ventilation, Plumbing & Air Conditioning

Comprehensive and independent commissioning services, from design reviews to full installation witnessing and client handovers, will ensure your industrial and commercial heating, cooling and ventilation systems pass strict industry regulations.

Systems are appraised and balanced to achieve design parameters. The reports are fully documented and witnessed and published for operation and maintenance manuals to cover:

Commissioning Management Services

  • Sustainability and commissioning review
  • Method statements
  • Project programme planning
  • Independent factory testing
  • Client handover and witnessing

Commissioning Validation Services

  • Water and air flow rates
  • Water quality assessment
  • Ductwork cleanliness and chlorination services
  • Thermal imaging
  • Environment suitability testing

Commissioning of Systems

  • Sustainability and commissioning review
  • LTHW and CHW water systems
  • Supply and extract air systems
  • Testing