Core Drilling

Part of P.J. BIRD Limited’s service commitment is towards the modern installation methods and investment in capabilities.

We own all our equipment which means that there are no additional hire costs. We offer an in-house wet core drilling and extraction service, which allows greater speed of work, lower installation costs and improved provision for clients.

Wet core drilling delivers precision hole measurements and control of depth whilst maintaining structural integrity. Test cores can be extracted from concrete, brickwork, blockwork, masonry, or asphalt to determine strength, composition and depth. Test core drilling will also identify potential hazards, restrictions or pollutants that may inhibit the progress of planned works.

Accurate wet core drilling paves the way for the safe installation of plumbing, heating and ventilation equipment including ducting, waste distribution and pipework. Systems can be sympathetically positioned and approved to industry regulations quickly and efficiently, leaving uncluttered environments and safe access to radiators, water supply, hygiene facilities or control panels in a convenient location for all.